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We're ToModern, a friendly little startup from Austria. Our motto, "The Future of Software is Now," isn't just a catchy phrase—it's our promise to you. We're here to demystify technology, making software that's not only powerful but also super user-friendly. At ToModern, we believe in a future where technology enhances every aspect of our lives, without the hassle.

AI Bundle

Access multiple leading AIs like ChatGPT 4 and Elevenlabs with one account through AI Bundle. No more costly subscriptions.


Our platform revolutionizes content sharing by adding value to every share. Followers earn points for sharing your posts, which can be exchanged for products of your choice.

Get to Know Us and Join Our Adventure

We're a lively small team with one person who's great at design and selling, and another who's amazing at coding. We love making things that are both easy to use and really work well.We're big on trying new things and love to see how far we can go with our ideas.The best bit? We really like working together with you. Your challenges excite us, and we're happy when you succeed. No matter if it's something big or just a small fix, we're ready to help.Got an idea? Let's talk!